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6 years of selling postcards – sometimes it seems like yesterday that I was still selling postcards on Ebay. It started as a hobby – now it is an online shop in 3 languages, with customers all over the world. Sometimes I wonder how many postcards I sold in these years, but it is not that easy to count it, so I just wonder about it. Not that it is my dream to sell as many postcards as possible. It is my dream to show people that sending a postcard can make a difference for another person, show them there is someone that is thinking about them. A moment of attention for another person. Thanks to Cardcetera I met a lot of amazing people – online, but also in the real world. I also see people contacting each other – for instance on the Facebook-page – to swap cards. In 2015, for World Postday, people spontaneously started to offer and send cards to each other. That is what I love so much about this shop. Sometimes when I think ‘why am I doing all this?’ I think about these moments and I go on.

I also love to show what you can do with just postcards. Fortunately I get help with that from Mendy – I recently started translating her blogs into English, so you can already read some. I am creative with words, but when it comes to making creative snailmails… I need some help! A project I am comfortable with is the Alphabet-mail – as I showed you in April. I hope it inspired you!

So when I started thinking about a nice birthday celebration for Cardcetera, centered around postcards, I again came up with the idea of Alphabet-mail. I gave you some inspiration for it in April: a whole alphabet in Dutch and one in English. And now it is your turn: you can pick your own alphabet in the store and get if from me – for free. Of course you do have to do something for that. What? Show me an alphabet of course!

Join the competition!

So how do you do this? Choose one of the following options:

  • Take a picture of a completed alphabetproject that you received. For instance in a collage, or as show in the pictures taken by Edith in a nice rack. Share it on Instagram with the #cardcetera and #alphabetmail. Or share it on the Cardcetera Facebookpage.
  • Make a collection with the postcards for an alphabet project – either one you want to do, or one you have already send or received. Share the images with us on Flickr or any other photo-site. Share the link in the comments under this blog.
  • Of course you can choose cards from the Cardcetera-site and show me what you would choose, should you win. But that is not an obligation – maybe you alraedy started an alphabetproject or just finished one – you can share that too.

3 winners

I will write down all the names and from all international entries, I will pick one winner on Thursday, June 1st – randomly. So there is more than enough time to join – just make sure you share your ABC with me by May 31st at the latest. There is also one winner within the Netherlands.

And, I will also choose one extra winner: the person that has the most creative entry. For instance a great themed ABC, or an ABC with just Cardcetera Cards, or a very original way to share the ABC with us all (maybe by writing a blog about it?).

So 3 people will get to chance to pick their own ABC in the shop. You can choose any 26 postcards – with a maximum value of € 40. Of course I will ship your ABC free of charge.

Any questions? Just ask. I am looking forward to your ABC!

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