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I have written about ABC postcard projects before. The idea is very simple: you write your postcardpal 26 postcards, one for each letter of the alphabet. Or you choose a variation – for instance you each write half of the alphabet, in turn. So you write the A, the other the B and so on. You can choose a theme (flowers, animals), a brand (Inkognito, Correspondances) or you only decide you want to write and just pick the cards you like. But here is a new option: write the whole ABC in one go! So 26 postcards in one exchange.

Where did this idea come from?

I did not come up with this idea myself. I am part of a great group on Facebook and the hosts of that group came up with the idea. Everyone could sign up – they paired us with someone else. So I got the name of one of the members and in this case, she also got my name. Not everyone send their ABC to the person they were getting it from – it was a big surprise and that added to the fun (at least – I thought so).

A, B, C – it is so easy!

How – the ‘rules’

There were simple rules in this case: 26 cards were a minimum; you could use more cards for one letter if you wanted. And you could also add something extra, like some stickers or a bag of tea or a small piece of chocolat. The postcards you could choose freely – but choosing them with the preferences of your postcardpal in mind was encouraged. We had a whole month to write the cards.

How – what did we do?

I started with picking all 26 cards at first. For some letters,  I had more than one card, as I could not choose. I decided to write a few cards at a time, start them with greeting my ABC-partner and then just writing about what I had done that day, or the days before. Or sometimes I wrote about why I choose that card, which association I had with it. Or why I choose it for her, which of her interests or collection I had in mind while choosing it.
My postcard-pal started each card with greeting me and saying goodbye. She also asked some others to write a card for me.

The last letters; in Dutch the most difficult ones

What I loved about it

I loved sending some longer messages to someone; I don’t have the time or patience to write a letter anymore, but this sort of felt like a letter on postcards. So I could share and write a bit more. And it was great getting to know my postcardpal a bit better through her ABC. Also: with a month to write the cards, it was a postproject with enough time to feel relaxed about it, make something nice and feel good about what I made and wrote.

And of course there is the benefit of paying less for postage. With 26 separate cards, postage is much higher. Especially if you want to send internationally…

Some extra gifts


If you would like to do such an exchange, you might just find your postcardpal in the Cardcetera Swap Group on Facebook!


All pictures are made by Mendy – thank you for sharing them with me!

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