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Are you looking for a longterm creative mailproject? Or would you like to exchange postcards with someone for a longer period of time, to get to know someone better? Than  maybe an alphabet mail project is just the thing you are looking  for!

What is alphabet mail?

Actually the name sort of says it all. An alphabet mailproject is a form of mail related to the alphabet. With your penpal, or postcardpal, or friend, you will exchange one piece of mail for each letter of the alphabet. It is as simple as that! You can choose to start at the “a”, the “z”, or maybe just in the middle. You can both set a whole alphabet, or you can choose to divide it: you send the A, the other the B, you the C and so on.

It’s up to you and your partner for the project. A little piece of advise: follow the alphabet from the selected letter. Don’t just send some letter you can at the moment find a postcard for – it makes it difficult to keep track. Follow the alphabet – in whatever way – makes it easier to keep track of where you are, it provides some structure. But: make it a fun project – just choose what you like best.

T for Tea

Just postcards – or something more?

You can make alphabet mail project as big or small you choose. In the most small way you just send each other a postcard per letter. For the same amount of stamps you could also choose to send a postcard with a little gift related to the theme. It takes a bit more time, and creativity of course. You can expand alphabet mail just the way you like, maybe you can send a pocket letter, or another form of snailmail. There are a lot of possiblilities.


With all the possibilities, you do need to discuss what you expect of each other. Personally I am currently exchanging alphabet mails with 4 people, all in a different way. Just make sure you agree on the form of the mail, to make everyone happy with the mail they receive. Think about these things for instance: weight of the mail, written or non-written postcards, just a postcard or something extra too, complete snailmails.

C for Cavia. Or: A for Animal


Difficult letters

There are some difficult letters in the alphabet. How many words you know to start with a y or x? Or maybe in your language, there are other difficult letters. Don’t let that scare you. Google is your friend, just type “words starting with an …..”  and it shows a list of words to help you.

X for Xantippe

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