A postcard-ABC – in one envelope

I have written about ABC postcard projects before. The idea is very simple: you write your postcardpal 26 postcards, one for each letter of the alphabet. Or you choose a variation - for instance you each write half of the alphabet, in turn. So you write the A, the other the B and so on. You can choose a theme [...]

The holiday is over… how about that change?

That was it - the summer holiday of 2017 is over! We went to Norway - our plan was to visit the country for about 3 weeks, travel there with our own car and stay mainly at campsites after staying in a hotel in Oslo. But... as the weather was not great, our tent was not a really great option [...]

A change is coming

Dear friends, Maybe you have been following Cardcetera for a long time, maybe you just found out about me & my postcard company. Some of what I am writing here might be known to you, maybe all of it is new. But I do hope you will read on - because a change is coming to Cardcetera. I started Cardcetera [...]

A birthday give-away

6 years of selling postcards – sometimes it seems like yesterday that I was still selling postcards on Ebay. It started as a hobby – now it is an online shop in 3 languages, with customers all over the world. Sometimes I wonder how many postcards I sold in these years, but it is not that easy to count it, so [...]

Guestblog Mendy: Alphabet mail

Are you looking for a longterm creative mailproject? Or would you like to exchange postcards with someone for a longer period of time, to get to know someone better? Than  maybe an alphabet mail project is just the thing you are looking  for! What is alphabet mail? Actually the name sort of says it all. An alphabet mailproject is a [...]

Reynard Literary Postcards

A little while ago, I did a poll on Facebook, to see what you wanted: should I buy the great, extra big Reynard postcards again, or not? These postcards have some great literary and history themes. Maybe you know these cards from a trip to the UK or from a friendly postcrosser that send them to you. I saw some [...]

Guestblogger Mendy: an autumn snailmail

Autumn in The Netherlands! It is my favorite season - I love to hear the wind blowing around my house, while I am busy making one of my snailmail creations. We had a wonderful start of the season and that made me want to create a special, autumn-related snailmail. So I made this special, easy to make envelope-book for a [...]

Guest blog Mendy: Snail Mail with a book theme

Personally, I believe snail mail and books are closely related. To me it feels like ‘reading & writing’: things that belong together. A book is written and read. Snail mail is created (often also written), then admired and read. What is snail mail? I am asked that question on a regular basis! But I'm afraid I can't give you one [...]

Baking speculaas with a mould

In 2013, we started our series The Dutch Connection with a postcard by Sandra de Haan - she won our photo competion that year. Did you ever wonder why Sandra choose these moulds for her typical Dutch postcard? For our Dutch customers, the speculaasmoulds (speculaasplanken) on this postcard don´t need any explanation – but maybe our international customers would like [...]

With love from me

Wow - what a week it has been. If you follow Cardcetera on Facebook, you can't have missed it - the pile of birthday cards I received. Now I know, you could win something. But when I look at all your messages, I am sure that this was not the only reason for you to send me something. It showed [...]

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