The holiday is over… how about that change?

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That was it – the summer holiday of 2017 is over! We went to Norway – our plan was to visit the country for about 3 weeks, travel there with our own car and stay mainly at campsites after staying in a hotel in Oslo. But… as the weather was not great, our tent was not a really great option and we decided instead… to take the ferry back after a few days in Oslo and spend the rest of our holiday in Germany and France. And well, that was great too! The last weekend of our holiday, we spend in Dublin. A lovely city – with many, many pubs. And a lot of churches. We walked a lot, had some nice beers, and bought… no postcards!

Postcard shopping?

During our holiday, I only bought postcards in France, in the city of Colmar. The main reason? I mainly found touristic cards in the other places we went to. And while I like sending those too, we did not spend much time in most cities, so I did not feel like buying those. But in Colmar, I found a beautiful shop, with so many brands! If I would ever have my own physical story, it would look like that one for sure. A dream – so I bought well quite some cards. If you follow Cardcetera on Instagram, you might have already seen the pictures. First time ever my husband asked me if I really knew for sure I wanted to buy all those cards at once… The answer being yes of course 🙂

Colmar – Le Hameau


And now you might wonder ‘how about that Change you were talking about?’ To tell you the truth: I am not sure yet. I have changed a few things already – like I have decided to stop selling certain brands. But it is not enough. Yet at the same time, I have realized something quite important. You are my customer. Not just my customer, but a very loyal customer too and many of you feel more like friends. But: friends that go into a business transaction with me. And you deserve to just be able to order and not get all my soppy stories. So I will post less of them from now on – I promise. After all: postcards are about making the world nicer and a happier place! And if you order, you should not have to think ‘but Astrid is already busy.’ I love seeing the cards you buy, seeing what you choose to order. And: I love it even more when I see who you send your cards too! Or when you share reasons to send a postcard to someone. So from now on: more happiness on this blog and on Facebook.

Two important changes

If you order now, there are two big changes you will notice though.

  1. First of all: the main language now is Dutch. For the simple reason that most of my customers are in fact from The Netherlands. Don’t worry: you can still order in English! Simply change the little flag on the top left to English. Do so before you place anything in your shopping basked though! Otherwise it will empty itself and you have to start your order again.
  2. There will be a longer handling time. I will ship orders once a week – the day will vary, so I am a bit more flexible. If you order, you will know I will send out your order at the same day one week later. That is my promise. So if you order on Monday, your order will be send out next Monday at the latest. Or if you order on Friday, by the next Friday.

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