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27 Feb, 2014



Els´ bijdrage voor de reeks books

Already available!

Last year, we only had a Dutch version of our photo contest. For our series The Dutch Connection we were looking for a typical Dutch picture. You know, one of those that you would love to get as a postcrosser. We got a lot off great images and in the end, it was Sandra´s picture of speculaas moulds that won – she had a total off  241 votes! So, the competion was a big succes and that is why we are doing it again. Only this time, we are making it into an international one!


Why now? Well, in May we are celebrating our third ´birthday.´ And we think that is a great reasons to launch a new series of postcards, this time one that we have wanted to offer you for a long time now. We are fond of books and reading ourselves. But when we look at the popularity of the cards showing books or people reading, we are not the only ones that like this theme. So, the theme of this years photo contest is books, reading and literature. Anything goes – as long as it has to do with this topic. And as long as your picture is good enough to actually print it.

What to do?

So you know the theme now. Be creative about it, think outside of the box: bookcases, a reading person, a bookstore, a literary caffee, a pile of books, your favourite reading place – and so on. Wonder how your perfect card would look like: what image would give you a great feeling when you would find in your mailbox? Maybe you already took that picture, or maybe you need to get out of your house and make it. It can be in colour, in black & white, or with just a hint of colour, in sepia or you can make a collage.

You can send your pictures to us from March 1st untill March 28th, 2014 – there is a maximum of 3 pictures per person. You will hear from us within 2 business days weather or not your picture is technically good enough to print. If that is the case, you have officially entered the competion. Send the pictures in the original size – as big as possible. You can mail them to or you can use wetransfer or dropbox.

On Monday, March 31st we will publish the top 5 on which everyone can then vote untill Sunday, April 13th. On 14th April, the winner will be announced! But on March 31st we will also let you know what our favourite picture is – and that one will also be printed as a postcard. So there will be 2 winners, not just one.

What will you win?

If you win, the biggest price of course is that your picture will be made into an official Cardcetera Card. Your name is on the back of the card, so that everyone knows who the winners is. We will write an article about you on our blog and we will be promoting your card actively.

Next to that, you will get a complete set of Cardcetera Cards – at the moment, that is 66 postcards – plus of course the brand new postcard series Books. And: you will get 100 pieces of your own postcard.


Of course, a contest has rules. Read them here:

  • The picture must be your work – you must have the copyright of the work.
  • Is there a person on the picture, you must have written consent that this person is ok with you using this picture and us publishing it.
  • If you win the competion, you give us the right to publish the card, sell it and promte it.
  • The copyright of the picture stays with you – so you can use the picture in whatever way you want. We only ask you to not make it into a postcard in the next two years.
  • We make the choices – the final top 5 will be chosen by Cardcetera and there will be no discussion about this. Every photographer can only be in the top 5 once – if he or she send in  3 pictures, Cardcetera will choose the one that will make it to the top 5.
  • Cardcetera will edit the picture for publication.
  • Pictures that are not received in a size that is fit for publishing before Marcht 28th at midnight, are not a part of the competion.
  • With this competion, we want to give enthoustic amateur photographers a chance to see their picture featured on a postcard. The competition is also open for (semi-)professional photographers, but if you are one and you have an official company,  you can also ask us about the opportunities to work with us on a professional freelance basis.

That is it! Any question? Send us a message!

Want to enter? You can now send us your pictures! Good luck!

Deze pagina is ook beschikbaar in het Nederlands


  1. Amy says:

    Hi. I was just curious as to why the blog for the image submissions for the postcard collection books is not in English like it was earlier. I even checked to see if I had it for Nederland but its on English. Everything is in English but the blog about the image submissions for the postcard collection books is in a different language.

    • Hi Amy,

      Somehow, the English version was not working as it should and there was indeed a Dutch version on the side. But the problem should be fixed now! Thanks for noticing and taking time to message us!

  2. Hanni says:

    Hi! What a great idea!!
    Too bad I didn’t notice this contest last year…. 🙁
    Because I think I have some pictures pretty much suitable for the theme The Dutch connection….as a foreigner I especially love to observe those tiny things about Dutch culture and to catch the moment.
    I really would love to participate, will you have another contest anytime soon about The Dutch connection? 😀

    I also like the Books theme, maybe I will review all my pictures to make a selection….to see if I have any picture fit into this theme! 🙂

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