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A little while ago, I did a poll on Facebook, to see what you wanted: should I buy the great, extra big Reynard postcards again, or not? These postcards have some great literary and history themes. Maybe you know these cards from a trip to the UK or from a friendly postcrosser that send them to you. I saw some of the Jane Austen ones have been favourited over a 100 times – wow! The poll was a bit undecided – so I decided for you 🙂 As I really love the Reynard cards and I know it can be hard to find them when you are not from Europe, I just wanted to keep them in the store. So I ordered a lot of them from Sue Harrison – including 3 new ones. For the fans. And for me – because I just love looking at them.

Reynard Literary Postcard Alice in Wonderland
If you love Alice, this is your card!

Sue about Reynard postcards

All of these amazing cards are designed by Sue Harrison. I asked Sue about her motivation and inspiration for these amazing postcards and here is what she wrote!
Reynard Cards started when I lived opposite a house in Bath where Jane Austen had stayed. People were often outside trying to identify her house so I thought it would be useful to produce something which showed her various residences in Bath. This led to my first postcard – Jane Austen in Bath. Her six novels followed and after visiting the Somme battlefields in France with my young children I embarked, with the help of my husband and son, on a series of Great War and Second World War cards. I have since gone on to expand the literary series.
Reynard Literary Postcard Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen
My favorite: Jane Austen!
I aim for the cards to be educational and give a brief history of the subject. During research we have visited nearly every place that is illustrated on each card  and have found that many have are collected rather than being posted!



So tell me: love them, like them or not your cup of tea? If you already have a collection, do share it with us. Looking for some final pieces: you can find them all in the store!

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2 Replies to “Reynard Literary Postcards”

  1. I have a Reynard Bath postcard. The postcard is titled Jane Austen in bath. It is a history of her and the only color on the postcard are blue and black. It is in mint condition. Do you know the age of card and it’s worth. I would appreciate any information you would have about it sincerely Timothy Potter

    1. I have no idea Timothy – I am a re-seller of the cards, not the maker. Probably Reynard Cards can tell you more – they have a website too. Actually the card I have now, Jane Austen in Barth, is the same one – so I would guess that it is worth the same thing a new card is worth…

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